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The IGET Bar is a disposable vape crafted from lightweight 304 stainless steel for a comfortable hand-held experience. It boasts a variety of delightful flavours and a generous capacity of 3500 Puffs, making it a reliable option for when you need it.

Package Content

1 × IGET Bar 3500 Puffs Vape


  • Nicotine Content: 5% (50mg/mL)
  • Puff: 3500 Puffs
  • E-liquid Capacity: 12ml
  • Battery: 1500mAh
  • Size: 41.2*19.5*94.8mm

2 reviews for Blueberry Raspberry – IGET Bar 3500

  1. Moni Uddin

    Excellent service and prompt delivery.

  2. Vladimir Chlouba

    Great as always. I like that it’s not too sweet.

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